In two earlier posts, we talked about a few of the early Harry Potter books. In this one we’ll take a look at the later books in the series:

  • The Order of the Phoenix,
  • The Half-Blood Prince, and
  • The Deathly Hallows.

In my view, these are the best books of the series, because it’s where Harry and the gang’s adventures become more serious and more complex, and it’s also where all of the loose ends from the first four novels begin to come together into a grand picture.

Let’s take a look at each.

harry potter books 5 6 7

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

The Order of the Phoenix is the fifth book in the seven part Harry Potter series by JK Rowling, and, in my opinion, is where the action really begins to take off.

The Goblet of Fire ended with the first death of series, and the first appearance of Voldemort, who previously was referred to only as “he who shall not be named.”

The fifth book opens where the fourth left off, as Voldemort’s soldiers become hell-bent on finding Harry and bringing him to their master. Harry, too, has his own protection, found in The Order of the Phoenix, a secret society that has always been sworn to protect him from Voldemort, and once at Hogwart’s Harry begins training his other classmates to be further prepared against the dark arts.

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Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

The Half Blood Prince, the sixth novel in the series, is when the rivalries in the wizarding world turn into all out war, and begin to spill over into the muggle world of non-wizards.

Mysterious things begin to happen in London, and Harry must work to keep order in both worls as he continues to look for clues as to the whereabouts of Voldemort and learn how to defeat him.

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Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

In the last book of the series, Harry learns that all of his previous adventures were intricately linked, tied into a seris of objects, known as horcruxes, each of which holds a piece of Voldemort’s soul. Only when all of the objects are destroyed will Voldemort be vulnerable to defeat, and Harry learns that the link he shares with Voldemort is tied into the same concept, thus he alone must be the one to fight and kill Voldemort, but not without a few challenges he must face first!

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Harry Potter Series – Book 2 Summary

chamber of secrets

Harry Potter and Chamber of Secret occurs during Harry’s second year at Hogwarts. The book begins with Harry spending his summer with the Dursleys. Dobby the house elf arrives during the Dursleys’ dinner party, and warns Harry to say away from to Hogwarts.

When Harry refuses to not return to Hogwarts, Dobby goes downstairs where the dinner party is going on and wreaks havoc, causing the Dursleys to imprison Harry in his bedroom. The Dursleys tell Harry he cannot go back to Hogwarts.

Ron, George and Fred Weasley visit Harry in their father’s flying car and rescue Harry from his imprisonment. They attach a rope to the bars covering Harry’s bedroom window. Then, using the car, pulls the bars off. This allows Harry spends the remainder of the summer at the Weasleys.

Soon after school starts, mysterious sayings begin appearing on the wall around the school saying that the Chamber of secrets has been opened. The chamber had been opened once before with devastating consequences.

A few months later, Hagrid is arrested for opening the Chamber of Secrets and is sent to Azkaban. Before he is taken away, he gives Harry an encoded message which sends the best friends to a giant spider’s nest. While there, they find out that Moaning Myrtle died when the Chamber was opened.

When Harry enters the Chamber, he find Ginny has been bitten by the Basilisk. The Basilisk controlled by Voldemort attacks Harry. Right before the Basilisk attacks Harry, Dumbledore’s phoenix attacks and blinds the Basilisk, giving Harry enough time to kill the Basilisk.

Afterwards, Harry accuses Lucius Malfoy of opening the chamber. This causes Malfoy to become enraged, which gives Harry a chance to trick Malfoy into releasing his house elf Dobby.

The book ends with Malfoy being fired as the school governor and the final exams being cancelled.

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Harry Potter Series Book 1 Overview

Book one of the Harry Potter series Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. This novel begins when Harry is eleven years old. The headmaster of Hogwarts School of Magic, Professor McGonagall and Hagrid the gamekeeper of Hogwarts arrive at Harry’s aunt and uncles home where Harry lives.

sorcerer's stoneLiving with the Dursleys is awful for Harry. He is bullied, despised and held at arm’s length by his family. The family goes on an outing to the zoo and a boa constrictor magically gets out of his cage. Because Harry’s aunt and uncle know that Harry’s parents were magical, they immediately blame Harry.

Harry is invited to attend magic school at Hogwarts. On the train to the school, Harry meets Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, who become his best friends. These three friends are the main characters throughout the entire Harry Potter series.

Awhile after school begins, Harry discovers a secret trap door guarded by a three-headed dog in a forbidden corridor on the third floor. Harry and his friends discover that the dog is guarding the Sorcerer’s Stone, a magical stone that gives the holder unlimited wealth and eternal life.

Harry and his friends find out that the evil Lord Voldemort is trying to steal the Stone to grant him eternal life. The trio descends into the chamber and must pass several tests before reaching the Stone’s location.

When Harry arrives in the Chamber, he must battle against Voldemort (who is living inside one of the professors)for the Stone that has magically appeared in Harry’s pocket. When Harry touches the professor, Voldemort’s spirit is released.

As Voldemort’s spirit is released, it knocks Harry unconscious. Harry is taken to the infirmary where he learns from the headmaster that the Sorcerer’s Stone has been destroyed.

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